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Bar Caló is a mezcal and cocktail bar from husband and wife Jaime Turrey and Brooke Fruchtman, owners of Echo Park gem Ostrich Farm. We worked with Jaime and Brooke to create the overall design aesthetic, including all furniture design and fabrication for the entire space. 

Ace Hotel renovation of the 1927 UA theater and tower. Worked with hotel chain in renovating the lobby, rooftop bar, and rooms for its downtown LA location.

Kettle Black is a rustic italian restaurant in one of LA's hippest neighborhoods, Silver Lake. Partnered wth owner, Beau Laughlin, in overall design buildout, furniture design, and fabrication. 








Carlos Anthony Lopez has either designed, collaborated, or produced pieces for many of Los Angeles’ top local establishments including Bar Calo, Hotel Covell, Dinette, Ostrich Farms, Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles, Gjelina Group, Laurel Hardware Group, Sawyer and Kettle Black. Born in Central California, Lopez is a self-taught designer and builder who began his career in floral and landscape design, based in San Francisco and Oakland.

Having lived in Los Angeles now for several years, Lopez fabricates all of his furniture and art in a large workspace in Huntington Park which is located nearby his Downtown loft. Over the years, Lopez has also designed pieces for major companies including Williams-Sonoma and prominent private residences. With more upcoming restaurant and hospitality projects in the works, Carlos continues his journey as a rising restauranteur, designer, and taste maker.



16  /  06  /  2023

2023 Architects appointed to create 4 new affordable housing complexes


08  /  12  /  2023

We are proud to announce that 2023 Architects have been shortlisted for the Residential Architect Awards


27  /  09  /  2023

Insider: Plans to production - the full architecture process
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